Fun, funky, and always very unique, Fred Conlon's award-winning metal art has appeared in art festivals across the nation.  His pieces can also be found in art galleries across the country and are available for purchase directly from Sugar Post. If it's awesomeness you are looking for, in addition to the pieces listed in our catalog, Fred also creates one-of-a-kind custom metal art for interested individuals.

*Most of these unique creations are from recycled and reclaimed materials. These unique creations are designed to rust, and look better with age.

In December, get a free mystery gift when you buy our low-flying Christmas Angel!

Recently added!

Exclusive Christmas Sweater - SOLD OUT

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GBG Wine Glass Caddy


Humming Bird Tulip Stake


Ball and Chain




2014 is the year for you to make a resolution you can keep. Spend more money! You can do it. The economy is so close to being stimulated, don't hold back, it is all on you. The Bird Wave lets everyone know that you are the person in charge of recession reform. You can buy it to show everyone how easy it is to spend money and stimulate the economy.  Besides, it shows your good taste in unique art.

Gnome-Be-Gone the Game

Take gnome eradication to the next level with the free Gnome-Be-Gone, the game.